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In Italy, the "Commissione di studio per le norme relative alle costruzioni in c.a. e c.a.p., ai leganti idraulici e ai laterizi" of the National Research Council (CNR) has approved in December 1998, a document drafted by the research team on non-metal materials of the above mentioned commission. The document is available in the official journal of the C.N.R. - Norme Tecniche - anno XXXIII - n. 193. The document was recently published by the magazine "L'Edilizia"


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Drafting project guidelines according to European regulations is currently the task of the fib Task Group 9.3 FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures (
This group, whose members come from European universities, industry and research centres, is supported by a European-level research network called ConFibreCrete TMR Network, ( which promotes and supports researchers' mobility amongst the universities and the research centres belonging to the group. The group has recently published its first report: fib Bulletin 14 "Externally bonded FRP reinforcement for RC structures" (

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