During the MuRiCo6 conference, just ater the sessions of the second day of the conference, it will be possible to access and visit the San Petronio attic, a closed place for centuries and still showing the signs of those who worked on the building over four centuries ago. The Basilica of San Petronio is a basilica and is the reference church of Bologna since it dominates Piazza Maggiore. The basilica is dedicated to the patron saint of the city, Saint Petronius, who was the bishop of Bologna in the fifth century. Construction began in 1390 and its main facade has remained unfinished.

  Two visits are organized for an approximate duration of 45 minutes and are reserved to the conference users.

Address:  Terrazza di San Petronio –  5 Piazza Galvani – 40124 Bologna – MAP

 Terrazza San Petronio – San Petronio Attic