In order to join AICO you are asked to complete the registration procedure.

During the registration process you will be asked to send the details about the wire transfer, that is the only payment method we accept.


AICO subscription fees (*) :

  • 60€ for students (Master students and PhD students);
  • 60€ for individual subscription;
  • 155€ for company or institutions subscriptions;
  • 260€ for supporters

(*) this fee has to be paid one-off

AICO two years fees:

  • 50€ for students;
  • 100€ for individual subscription;
  • 200€ for company or institutions subscriptions;

Wire Transfer details

Bank wire transfer:
Name of the bank: Unicredit Banca di Roma – Agenzia Venezia 7
Account holder address: Mercerie dell’orologio, 191 – 30100 Venezia (VE)
IBAN code: IT 27 D 02008 02017 000100432664


Registered Office:
c/o ALVISE GAGGIO Dottore Commercialista – Revisore Contabile
Castello, 5868 – 30122 Venezia


Treasury – Dr. Daniela BUFO –

Organizing Secretariat– Dr. Cristina GENTILINI –

Technical Info – Dr. Giovanni CASTELLAZZI –

Registration Form

AICO subscription fees (*):
60€ for Student60€ for Individual155€ for Company or Institutions260€ for Supporter
(*)this fee has to be paid one-off.

AICO annual fees (**):
20€ for students;70€ for individual subscription;200€ for company or institutions subscriptions;
(**) By using the message box at the end of the form, please indicate if the wire transfer is only for annual fee or if it includes the first subscription and the annual fee.

Field of interest:
R&DProduction and distributionDesign, standardization and approvalFruition and application

Wire transfer details: