The aim of the Conference is to present and review the latest achievements in MODELING, TESTING, DESIGN, CONTROL and HEALTH MONITORING of masonry structures strengthened with composite materials.

Composite materials with continuous fibers embedded in a polymer or cementitious matrix are herein considered as strengthening techniques for masonry.
Seismic vulnerability mitigation, durability and temperature influence are suitable keywords to be discussed at the conference.

Presentation of laboratory tests and case studies described thoroughly and in details, are strongly encouraged.

The Conference is organized by AICO (Associazione Italiana Compositi per le Costruzioni, established in 1996, hosted by the University ALMA MATER of Bologna, with the patronage of Università IUAV di Venezia.

The participation to the conference includes the AICO subscription for two years.

Some Picture from the last edition (MuRiCo6 – Bologna 2019):

Some pictures about the social event at the San Petronio Attic.

Some Picture from the previous edition (MuRiCo5 – Bologna 2017):

Some Picture from the past editions:

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